10 Most Important Tips to Know Before Taking CMA Exams

10 Most Important Tips to Know Before Taking CMA Exams

Taking CMA examination is time-consuming. No matter you are a fresh graduate or veteran in the field, taking CMA examination requires a lot of time and effort to acquire the examination concepts.

In this guide, we have formulated the most important tips for you to prepare the CMA exam.

What is the format of CMA Examination?

The CMA certification examination consists of 2 parts. For each part of the examination, it consists of 100 MC questions and 2 30-minutes essay questions. The total examination time is 4 hours. Considered 1 hour being spent on essay questions, you only have 3 hours to complete 100 MC questions. This implies that you only have 1 minute and 48 seconds to complete each MC question.
The examination is conducted electronically. In order to take the essay section, you need to have 50% of the MC questions correct.
The essay sections are business scenario based questions. Each scenario will require 8-10 essay or calculation replies.

How to prepare for the CMA Examination

There are many physical and virtual classes available in the market. However, attending these classes take time. Being an accounting professional, you are already engaged in your work busy schedule. Therefore, for busy-working candidate, we would suggest them to adopt self-study. Both study manuals and practices questions are very useful in mastering the curriculum.

How much time do I need to spend on preparing for the CMA Examination?

For self-study candidate, you are highly recommend to spend at least 150 hours for each part of the examination.

What should I choose between study materials and practices questions?

The trivial answer is to choose both study materials and practices questions as that are both crucial materials for you to grab the idea of the study content. However, in an unfortunate event that you are really running out of time, we would recommend you to do the practices questions over the study materials. Because the time required to go through the study materials is much more than completing all the practices questions. On the other hand, the practice questions have extracted the key points and concepts of the syllabuses. It can facilitate you to understand and to acquire the knowledge easily.

Be smart and mindful of choosing online study group and forum.

It is more common than before that candidates choose to obtain examination information and curriculum content from the online study group and forum. We would not recommend candidates to do so as it is quite dangerous. The reason that using these platforms are dangerous is because of the validity of the content. There were no professional bodies in verifying the accuracy of the information. Candidates who mistakenly apply these false or outdated information on the real CMA examination would lead to failure. Therefore, we strongly recommend candidates to obtain CMA examination information and curriculum content from trusted sources.

What do I need to focus on while reading the study materials?

Among these years, we found that CMA examination body tends to test on the basic terms, concepts and definition in the multiple choice questions. As a result, while you are reading the study materials, please be aware of the importance to memorize the important terms. Some of them look quite similar and you need to possess the skill to differentiate one from another.

Any tips for me to improve my memory on the CMA examination concepts?

Despite of having enough sleep and healthy diet, we have a very useful tip to you. If you are a practicing accountant or accounting assistant, we highly recommend you to apply the concept and theory you learnt from the CMA syllabuses on work. In such case, you can recall your memory everyday on work by applying what you have learnt during the non-office hour. By practicing your skill frequently, particularly the skills in cost accounting and variance analysis, you will become a veteran in completing the real CMA examination.

The trick of answering multiple choice questions.

Since there are 100 questions for each paper, timing is the most significant determining factor in pass the examination. Please be strongly reminded that we only have 1 minutes and 48 second to answer a MC question. There is not a problem at all if we miss a few of the MC questions as you only need to have 50 questions correct in order to pass the first part. Therefore, if you confront a very difficult question, please just skip it and do not spend so much time on it. Instead, you should reserve your time on other questions to make sure high accuracy.
You may need to be aware of the answers will absolute wordings. It is very likely that these answers are incorrect. Absolute wordings are like “never”, “must” and “always”.

Read the questions and multiple choice answers twice before answering.

Both the questions and the multiple choice answers of the CMA examination could be very confusing. Especially the multiple choice answers, the difference between the answer A to D could be difficult to choose among. Therefore, please read all the questions and answers twice before answering.

Do mock examination 1-2 days before the real CMA examination

Our company provides a number of practice question set for each paper. As we advised before, candidates can adopt our examination for practising and revising. But please be reminded to reserve 1 or 2 sets of practice questions for your final practice. If you have done all sets of the question before, you will not be able to truly test your skills and ability before you enter the battle of the real examination.

While we, ONECMA have extracted the key area of concepts for you to study, you may also prepare your own study flashcard. Copy them into notes and read anywhere while you are free.

Wish you success in CMA examinations, you may also click here for CMA free trial questions.

Zara Swift

Zara works full time in ONECMA questions review team. She works with her colleagues to formulate our own unique questions and study materials. She and her team takes the CMA exam from time to time and ensure we provide the best quality of service to our candidates.